Month: December 2016

Sober Houses and Reclaiming Your Life: What the Right West Coast Setting Can Do

The decision to get sober and stay that way takes a lot of determination. Now that you’ve started on this path and been through those first difficult weeks, it’s time to think about rebuilding your life. One of the best ways to move forward is to consider the idea of living in a sober house on the West Coast. This choice offers a few benefits that would be hard to come by any other way. Here are a few examples. No Negative Memories That Could Set You Back One of the advantages of spending anywhere from a month to...

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The Holistic Way to Sobriety

If you’ve got a problem with alcohol, just stop drinking, right? Well, not really. If it were that easy, everyone who wanted to stop would do it. The issue is that alcohol addiction doesn’t exist by itself. It’s usually symptomatic of other things going on in someone’s life, whether stress, depression, pain, or some combination of factors that seem overwhelming without the numbing escape mechanism that alcohol provides. Just as quitting is not as simple as putting down the glass, for many people it’s also not even as straightforward as going to support groups and working to keep their...

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Negative Emotions, You Are Doing Them Wrong

Emotions are tricky creatures. Some of us allow ourselves to be governed by them. If you were like me, emotions were abominations meant to be suppressed and denied. And if you were like me, “Vulcan” and “Android” have been frequent nicknames throughout your lifetime. However throughout my journey I’ve come to learn that virtually everything we’ve been taught about emotions are wrong. So wrong in fact that even legendary Jedi Masters have been erroneous. “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.” Master Yoda. Little heart, oh...

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Ways That Adults Can Help Teenagers Build and Maintain Self-Esteem

Anyone who lived through their teenage years understands that all sorts of things are happening at the same time. Much of the foundation for what is to come is laid during those years. Adults who want to ensure their teenage children move through those years with a sense of who they are and what they have to offer will need to identify ways to help teens cultivate a sense of self-esteem and keep it going. There are several ways that adults can help teenagers build and maintain self-esteem. Here are some tips that will help.  Truly Listen to What Your Teen Has to SayThere’s hearing words spill out of the mouth of your teen and then there’s listening to what is being said and seeking to understand the meaning behind them. Anyone can hear someone speaking, but it takes effort to really listen. When you choose the latter instead of the former, you send a clear message that what your teen thinks does matter. You don’t have to agree with those thoughts, but the fact that you demonstrate they are worth listening to and discussing in more detail lets your teen know that he or she matters to you. Feeling connected to others goes a long way toward having a sense of self-worth. Providing Emotional Support in Good Times and BadBeing a teenager means getting things right sometimes and making mistakes at...

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