Month: July 2016

Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

The symptoms of bipolar disorder are characterized by extremes of mood from severe depression to hypomania, mania, and elation. These are far more severe than the mood swings that most people experience and each episode can last weeks or months. Some people have more episodes of depression than mania and vice versa, whereas some types of Bipolar feature a ‘mixed state’, which involves experiencing both mania and depression simultaneously. There is also a type of Bipolar known as ‘rapid cycling’ in which people will experience quicker transitions between the spectrum of depression and mania and won’t feel any stability...

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Why Relationships End Badly

Why do so many individuals wait for that special soulmate, to be everything they wanted, and how does this fantasy blind them, creating bitter disillusionment and heartache? How is real intimacy achieved? Why relationships end badly? Many are on the conquest to find their perfect soulmate, who can meet all their needs, to be their rock or give them unconditional love. Yet they become disappointed when the person they pined after does not meet these needs. After the honeymoon shine is over, the real relationship emerges, as partners give up trying to impress each other; while they begin to...

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