Month: June 2016

It Doesn’t Get Better, It Gets Real

So you’ve decided to come out. Or you’re already out. Or you’re about to come out. Perhaps you’re trans or gender queer and you’ve decided to live in your truth. For some of you, this is a most joyous day. For others, it’s one of the most horrific moments in your lives. One thing is certain, you’re at a crossroads and you don’t know if you’re stepping out on faith or stepping off a cliff. Headlines are a daily reminder that the world is enemy terrain for LGBTQs. Some people claim that it gets better. I wish I could...

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Generalized Anxiety Disorder 101

generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is a condition in which people experience a constant state of high anxiety, which does not seem to be attributed to any particular cause. Sufferers feel they are anxious about everything and have expectations of catastrophe or disaster. The worry a person experiences is usually extremely out of proportion to the risk. For instance, if a partner was late home without calling, their thought processes could include worrying they have had an accident or have died. A sufferer is unable to calm themselves down and think rationally and in extreme cases, can become completely overwhelmed and suffer panic...

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When Counting Sheep Isn’t Cutting It: Managing Sleeping Difficulties

Few things are as distressing as wanting to be asleep, trying to fall asleep, yet feeling utterly powerless over your ability to fall asleep and having little success. You look over at the clock again and another hour has passed, yet you’re STILL awake. Why are you having sleeping difficulties? There can be any number of reasons why you may have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep.  Here is an incomplete list: Having (or anticipating) a particularly stressful day or even a day when you’ve been overstimulated, perhaps even in a good way, can affect your sleep. What you...

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My Recovery from Self-Injury

recovery means many different things to many different people. It’s a very difficult and personal journey. Not everyone is strong enough to realize they need help, let alone know what to do once they get it. You often hear people speaking about a place called “Rock Bottom.” The consensus is that to help yourself, you have to realize when you’ve hit the bottom. Some people take years to get to that point. Some people never get there. I’m grateful to say that I am one of those that beat the odds. I hit that bottom, and I hit it...

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Postpartum Depression 101

postpartum depression (PPD), also known as Postnatal Depression is a type of depression experienced by women after giving birth. It is not to be confused with the ‘baby blues’ which are normal feelings of tearfulness that approximately 85% of women experience within three to ten days of having a baby. PPD is a deeper and more intense depression which does not lift. It is extremely common and affects around one in ten women and can start anytime within the first six months after birth and affects women regardless of age, race, income level and cultural background. About a third of women show signs of PPD in pregnancy which continue after the birth. PPD can appear gradually, or suddenly and symptoms can range from very mild to severe. What is Postpartum Depression (Laura Roche)» What Causes Postpartum Depression? There is no single cause of Postpartum Depression, although research has shown that many different factors can influence whether or not a woman will develop it. These can include the physical, mental and emotional strain of having a baby, lifestyle and socioeconomic factors, plus lack of support from your partner, friends, and family. There are also situations and circumstances which can predispose you to become more susceptible, such as having prior experience of mental health issues. It’s important to note however that PPD can also begin for no obvious reason and sometimes cannot be attributed to any particular...

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