Month: May 2016

What is Wrong With Straitjackets?

This is an open letter to the Eurovision Song Contest, and to Hostess Petra Mede regarding her recent use of a straitjacket joke and the impact such jokes have on the social stigma of mental health. In it, I hope to explain to both her and the staff of the Eurovision Song Contest itself exactly what is wrong with straitjackets. Strong Language Warning. Dear Eurovision Hostess Petra Mede, I’m writing in the hopes of educating you on some of the issues those of us with mental illnesses have with the joke you made at our expense during the show. Now...

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Battling Depression: A 12-Step Alternative

Battling Depression and ptsd has been a lifelong struggle for me. The symptoms had been so normalized for me that it wasn’t until college that I finally decided to speak to a psychologist who diagnosed that I in fact had a severe case of depression and the mental anguish was not normal. It’s taken a lot of work. From unlearning traumatic and toxic thinking, to doing a lot of self-care and evolving. And I still have a long way to go. In the last few years I’ve developed a few self-care techniques that have proven beneficial in combating depression...

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Why Do We Treat Ourselves This Way?

Why Do We Treat Ourselves This Way? I came up with a new word. It’s called “breakaholic”. What is a breakaholic? The definition of a breakaholic is someone who is addicted to being broken inside and/or feeling emotionally broken. How can a person be addicted to emotional breakdowns? It doesn’t seem like a place any person would want to be. Depression is debilitating. It’s not simply feeling sad or bummed out. However, I consider being emotionally broken more crippling than depression. That’s because when I feel depressed, I know that it will eventually pass. Sometimes, I need a time...

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No Marketable Job Skills? Here Is Your Perfect Job!

Increasingly in the world, it has been recognized how local and world politics affects human beings, their lifestyles, and their mental constructs. At a time when many people are rebelling against ultra-religious extremists and austerity budgeting, it seems the perfect time to examine what is working and what isn’t. This is the first article in an occasional series. These are opinion pieces and reflect only the view of the author. No Marketable Job Skills? Here Is Your Perfect Job! Want a job that pays $400,000.00 a year and you don’t have to know a thing to get it? Want...

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Which Mental Health Treatment is the Best for Me?

Which mental health Treatment is the Best for Me? You’re in pain.  You come to realize that something needs to be done to improve your mental health.  What do you do? This is what I study.  I do research on what helps or stops people from seeking help for mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression*. Once a person realizes that they need to take action, the next step becomes figuring out where to get help.  A glance at the menu at the top of this screen highlights the wide variety of treatments (e.g., talk therapy, medication,...

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