Month: December 2015

Unfinished Business: If I Had the Strength

I make no apologies to the disclosure in the following… Silence Kills. I’ve often thought, over all these years, that I was weak for not having killed myself. Even knowing now that Depression is a disease – a mental illness – and not a matter of Attitude. And that it lies to us. Depression – the liar, cheat, and thief. And even knowing that it is better that I am among the Living now. But I still remember – and sometimes still feel – the sting of not accomplishing much in my life, of never finishing things. Never measuring up to you. I know the ache of unfulfillment. And especially when my hopes run so high, and so many others insist on my having dreams and goals – but never stayed to see me realize them. If I would have had the strength… I say. If I would not have chickened out, been so weak…so ‘fraidy-cat -chicken-shit-gutless. For someone so defiant and independent, I think to myself, look how I caved. I couldn’t even get that right, I think. I failed at even killing myself. But then I’ve heard it said that our “nature abhors suicide”. That our basest instinct is to survive. No matter the conditions or cost. It has little to do with the conscious thought process. We want to survive; need to survive. We are driven...

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What is Paternal Postpartum Depression?

Postpartum Depression is an illness usually associated with women, but it may come as a surprise to learn that it can also affect men. Studies have shown that one in ten new fathers will experience some of the symptoms of Paternal postpartum depression within three to six months of their baby being born, but their struggles are more likely to go unrecognised than those of their partner. As with female Postpartum Depression, there is no single cause for why some men develop Paternal Postpartum Depression and not others, although there are groups of men who have been shown to...

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Sexual Assault: Lost in the Light, Left in the Dark

I don’t like “trigger warnings” because they imply that our readers can’t handle something. That said, I would like to stress that this is an incredibly intense piece about the difficult subject of sexual assault. I will also tell you that Erin Bardwell is a powerful writer. Please make sure you are prepared before reading ahead. Sean Bennick Editor Content note: explicit descriptions of sexual assault It is 4 and I am 20 and I am crying in a phone booth because I have a bad case of the feels. You come up to me and ask if I need a hug. You are a bad hugger, dude. Real bad. Most hugs go around shoulders with arms, not necks with hands. Most hugs don’t go under clothes with sweaty palms and most hugs don’t go hard into bodies with fingers and most hugs don’t drag people by the hair. Most hugs end naturally by nature, not by screaming and kicking. Most hugs don’t involve yelling about cock rings and how much she’d like that because she’s a good little bad girl. Bad girl. And most hugs don’t involve taking a piece of someone’s hair. Where did you put it, I wonder? I still wonder. Maybe that was the worst part, you taking a piece of me after taking a piece of me. It is 11 and you are 60 and  I am...

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