Month: September 2015

Mind Matters: 3 Pain Free Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem

It’s no secret that low self-esteem can lead to mental health problems. And whilst it’s almost impossible to pinpoint one cause of low self-esteem for everyone (we’re all unique, after all), the way we see ourselves is formed over an extended time frame and likely affected by a wide range of different things. There are ways to boost your self-esteem we can all take. Some of the factors that can contribute to low self-esteem, however, include… Difficult childhood experiences Social isolation and loneliness stress and too much pressure …not to mention negative thinking patterns. For women, especially, these negative...

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Postpartum Depression Statistics

postpartum depression Statistics show the disorder is extremely common. In the US alone, the Centers for Disease Control reports that between 11-20% of new mothers will suffer from the condition. This equates to approximately 600,000 women per year. However, these figures only account for the numbers of women who were diagnosed and sought treatment; it’s thought that many women suffer in silence due to various reasons such as the stigma of admitting to symptoms or not wanting to admit they are struggling. It’s also been shown that women who miscarry or have a stillbirth can develop Postpartum Depression too,...

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Protecting the Mental Health of Seniors

Today, folks over age 65 are healthier than ever and that means they stay active longer, but too often the mental health of seniors is overlooked.  Nevertheless, as age advances, many older than 65 citizens need help in protecting their health. At the center of anyone’s decision for mapping out their future health care plans is the primary care physician. research suggests seniors with in-home care and frequent visits from family members are more mentally stable than those that are left in nursing homes without family members. Companion care is also linked to a better quality of life, since reports...

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