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The Suicide Club

These days, a big part of any author’s job is the sales and marketing of their book. Not only do you have to pen an interesting and relevant literary work of art, but you also have to be equipped to peddle it on social media sites, and pitch it to more traditional media vendors such as radio, magazines, and TV. In short, you have to be willing to sell yourself. For me, because I was trained as a counselor where self-promotion is discouraged, even frowned upon by academia, it’s a concept I’ve resisted. It’s felt ingenious and even unprofessional to “toot my own horn.” Especially about such a sensitive and personal subject-my own daughter’s suicide. But the reality of the competitive book publishing business is that books don’t sell themselves anymore, so self-promotion is a necessary evil. In my effort to spread the word about my new book, “Once The Storm Is Over: From Grieving to Healing After the Suicide of My Daughter,” I’ve been contacting suicide prevention and mental health organizations. As I talk with people across the US and even in other countries, I’m astounded by how many people tell me their own stories of how their life was forever altered by the suicide of a child, a loved one, or a friend. Recently I was invited to be the monthly featured blog story for an international...

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Eating Disorders and Suicide: What You Need to Know

In a culture obsessed with dieting and weight loss, eating disorders often go undetected or are dismissed as simply a focus on diet. Eating disorders are serious mental health disorders that affect 30 million Americans (20 million women and 10 million men), and require treatment. Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental health disorder. Individuals with anorexia nervosa are eight times more likely to attempt suicide than the general population and suicide is the leading cause of death for those with the disorder. In addition, eating disorders often co-occur with other mental illnesses. Approximately 50-75 percent of those with an eating disorder also suffer from depression. However, because of the stigma surrounding eating disorders and mental health, only one in 10 will seek treatment. Seeking treatment for an eating disorder is a sign of strength. If you or someone you love is struggling, it’s important to know the warning signs for both eating disorders and suicide. Eating disorder warning signs: Constant adherence to increasingly strict diets, regardless of weight Habitual trips to the bathroom immediately after eating Secretly bingeing on large amounts of food Hoarding large amounts of food Exercising compulsively, often several hours per day Avoidance of meals or situations where food may be present Preoccupation with weight, body size and shape, or specific aspects of one’s appearance Obsessing over calorie intake and calories burned...

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Once The Storm Is Over: From Grieving to Healing After the Suicide of My Daughter

For Immediate Release: 3/01/15 Author, Life Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist publishes her 5th book, Once The Storm Is Over: From Grieving to Healing After the Suicide of My Daughter(Big Table Publishing Company) Contact: Nina Bingham, 971-266-0292, When Nina Bingham lost her fifteen-year old daughter to suicide, she thought her own world would end. But what she learned about love and forgiveness changed her life forever. It will change yours, too. BOSTON, MA: In late February 2015, Big Table Publishing Company, an indie publisher, will present this profoundly moving account of a counselor’s struggle to come to terms with her depression and her daughter’s suicide. Raw and honest, she shares her painful past: an abusive alcoholic father, a failed marriage, the rejection she suffered after she came out as a lesbian, and her own brush with suicide. What could have been a story mired in self-pity and misery, ultimately is a story of hope. Nina’s compelling life journey shows how pain and loss can be transformed into strength and purpose. This book is not only for survivors but for anyone facing depression with suicidal tendencies. The book has garnered outstanding reviews from suicide prevention organizations, expert psychiatrists, best-selling authors on suicide, mental health and parenting magazines, as well as grief recovery organizations. Robin Stratton of Big Table Publishing Company says she knew she had a “blockbuster story,” and advised Nina that she might be better off taking her book to a bigger publishing...

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How to Control Anxiety Naturally

An Anxiety Disorder is diagnosed when feelings of stress and anxiety become excessive and start to negatively impact your health and lifestyle. Anxiety is basically your body physically acting on emotional stressors. You may experience symptoms like headaches, sweating, high blood pressure, and tension. It is possible to control anxiety naturally with the help of yoga, Ayurveda, home remedies, herbal remedies, and a balanced diet, etc.  Causes of Anxiety: Hereditary Stress Side effects of medication Alcohol intake Acute illness Stimulant Over breathing Tension Hormonal imbalance Symptoms: Worry and tension Aggression Irritability Muscle strain Headache Excessive sweating Lack of Concentration Fatigue Dryness...

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