Month: April 2011

8 Secret Untold Ways to Improve your Brain Power

The brain can be in a sense exercised just like muscles can. And just as muscular exertion and exercise increase muscular power, various exercises, activities, and habits can increase brain power. Your brain is like the interface between your consciousness and the world “out there” so you want to make sure it is sharp. The following are 8 ways you may not have heard of to improve your brain power. Eat the Right Foods Did you know that various foods are directly related to an increase in brain power? You may have already heard of the main ones –...

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How to Stop Aggressive Behavior in Young Children

“I’m not allowed to bring Ben to play group anymore,” said Sarah, whose son is now five years old. “The last time we went, he bit another boy who was playing with a truck Ben wanted. And the time before that, he hit a little girl across the face. I try to tell him ‘no’ but he just doesn’t listen, so I just end up apologizing for him. I’m starting to feel like the world’s worst parent because I can’t control him when he acts out.” As parents, few situations are more difficult to deal with than having a...

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Retirement Would Be a Cinch If I Didn’t Have To Stop Working

The marathon of our working lives can take a huge physical and emotional toll. We can easily seduce ourselves into believing that once we retire we will be much happier without the constant wear and tear on our aging minds and bodies.   Sounds logical doesn’t it?   Well, as many of us have learned about a whole host of relationships, whether it’s with a parent, child, or love interest, we don’t know what we will be missing until it is gone forever. I will paint the picture of a retiree’s rude awakening to illustrate how unanticipated realities can be successfully...

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Book Review: Invisible Driving by Alistair McHarg

Invisible Driving by Alistair McHarg This book is simply “Extippitox squatchifromp” if I might quote the author. From page one this book grabs your attention desperately and promises not to let go. There are moments where you’ll wonder about your eyes simply due to the author’s choice of words. He spins sentences in tighter circles than any midway ride I have ever seen, and all the while baring his soul to the reader. The book tells of Alistair’s climb out of a place that seems both dark and wonderful until we learn of the pain buried beneath. Readers with bipolar disorder will no doubt find in Mr. McHarg a comrade, while those without will find their understanding of the disorder expanded in a way that text books can’t match on any level. Everyone who reads will find their vocabulary expanded with several nonsensical words that somehow make complete sense within the confines of the book. I can’t condone or recommend the activities described by the book, but the description of it is perfect and a great introduction to a manic episode. There is joy, exhilaration and excitement in every moment of McHarg’s description of the activity he calls Invisible Driving. But there is also darkness, lurking unseen and only brought out at night; and just like Bipolar Disorder this darkness holds dangers unseen, revealed only when night falls. As...

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Nothing Has Meaning Without Love and Connection

Gretchen is typical of many of the clients that I work with. In our first session she said: “I’ve been depressed on and off throughout my life. Medication helped for a while, but now all it does is make me feel more flat and empty. Life seems to have no meaning for me. Nothing looks beautiful. Nothing is compelling to me. I can’t think of anything I really want to do. I’ve tried many forms of therapy but nothing has worked to heal my depression. I don’t know why I’m here on this planet. What is it all about?” Most therapies do not deal with the underlying cause of anxiety and depression. Lila, a member of the Inner Bonding® website, shared this about her healing process: “I must’ve gone through dozens of therapists since my first one at 17.  Several were even psychiatrists. And they helped … but not in an all-the-way-to-the-very-bone way…. I kept working to treat specific problems, but still felt incomplete once they were solved…. it’s because my inner child needed much, much more than that.  She needed unconditional love from me—something traditional therapy somehow couldn’t quite provide….Lately, whenever I think about logical, strategic cognitive behavioral therapy, its techniques and tools, my inner child rebels intensely…..self-love comes first; filling up from within comes first. Regardless of my social status, my financial status, my career status, my...

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