I’ve had the pleasure, and sometimes, though thankfully rarely, pain, to run this website for twenty years. I’ve seen the site go from one of the only Mental Health websites on the internet, to one of perhaps millions. I’ve gained friends, and as sadly happens all too frequently in the Mental Health community, I’ve lost friends. But it has been a wonderful ride.

As some of you may know, my health has declined since 2009, and while I have shared some of my struggles, I haven’t been completely honest about the true impact. During the past few years, my health has gotten worse, and it has been a struggle to keep up with the website. I have considered selling the site several times, and I have come close before, but either the time, the offer, or the buyer wasn’t right.

A few weeks ago, as I was dealing with another round of health issues, it was the right time, and along came the right buyer with the right offer, out of the blue. It was, well, kind of amazing.

Everything came together quickly, and Mental Health Matters is now in their capable hands. I’m very excited to see where they are going to take the site with their team.

My New Role

I’m not planning on going too far, I’ll be writing the occasional article for Mental Health Matters now that I have more free time.

Once again, thank you all for everything.

Sean Bennick