Self Harm in Borderline Personality Disorder: The Real Harm

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self harm in borderline personality disorder blocks recovery. There is a deeper harm being done by borderline self harm than many with BPD may realize. Do you know what the real harm of self harm in BPD is?

Self harm in borderline personality disorder is a maladaptive way of trying to cope with dysregulated emotions that are not understood by those with BPD. In her latest Video Podcast Episode, A.J. Mahari talks about self harm in BPD and what the real harm of borderline self harm actually is.

A.J. Mahari, herself, when she had BPD, years ago now, used to self harm. She knows from the inside out what the real harm of it is. Self harm in BPD does way more harm than the wounds or the scars visible on one’s body.

A central component in the self harm that those with borderline personality disorder so often employ in attempts to cope with what Mahari calls their abandoned pain is the shame of abandonment.

Self harm in Borderline Personality Disorder does much more harm than many with BPD realize. If you have Borderline Personality Disorder, you really need to take personal responsibility and decide to make another choice. Self harm is a choice. It may well not feel like a choice, but it is a choice.

Self harm is a choice that many with BPD make due to the distorted way they often think and the reality that their polarized way of thinking blocks their ability to have and experience hope. Self harm becomes a habit. Self harm in BPD, in and of itself, can become an addiction.

Borderlines who self harm continue to live from the borderline false self when really what they will benefit from is stopping the self harm so that they can take the journey of recovery. The journey from false self to authentic self.

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Self Harm in Borderline Personality Disorder – The Real Harm

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A.J. Mahari lives in Ontario, Canada. She is an Author, Speaker, Counselor, Life Coach, BPD/Loved Ones Coach, NPD/Loved Ones Coach, Mental Health Coach, and Self-Improvement Coach. She has been described by many as an insightful and astute student of life’s ups and downs. A.J. is a Mental Health Professional. A.J. writes from her own life experience, education and over 20 years of experience working with clients with Personality Disorders or the Loved Ones of those with them. You can purchase any of A.J.'s 35+ Ebooks or Written and Narrated 45+ Audio Programs or work with her as a your Counselor or Life Coach. She is a sexual abuse survivor and recovered from Borderline Personality Disorder many years ago. She is also an adult living with (“high functioning”) Asperger's Syndrome.

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